Why are credit cards not an accepted payment method?

Banks in Australia and the pharmaceutical industry here and in the USA have made it very hard for Australian interests to use credit cards for transactions for generic medicines. It is a case of "Big Business" protecting their massive profits and reducing your choice. Please note that bank transfer is in fact now a fast and easy way to pay thanks to Internet Banking and Banking Phone Apps. 

The cost and risk to us for accepting credit cards is significant. So please help us in giving affordable access to ED meds in Australia by supporting us and using DIRECT DEPOSIT. It is very easy and quick, especially on your Mobile Phone Banking App.

Where do the medicines originate?

The medicines are from India who are one of the worlds longest and largest makers of generic meds.

How long does delivery take?

Once payment has been processed you will receive a Payment Receipt, usually within 48 hours. Delivery will be between 8 and 15 BUSINESS days after this to anywhere in Australia. It is  a Trackable Service.

How do I arrange an order?

Just browse items and add to the shopping cart. When you check out you can do so as a GUEST or create an account for easier ordering next time. All the account, checkout and payment pages are secured by 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

What medicines can I arrange for importation?

You can legally buy ED meds for personal use from overseas and receive medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). ED medications contain either Sildenafil Citrate, more commonly known as Generic Viagra, Tadalafil more commonly known as Generic Cialis or Vardenafil more commonly known as Generic Levitra.

Do I need to send a prescription?

As per Australian law and our conditions or ordering, yes, you DO need to be in Possession of an Australian prescription written by an Australian doctor when you import the medication (just as you need one at a local chemist).  On rare occasions, the TGA may ask you for a copy of your script to be emailed to them. This is very easy to do, and they then send on your medication to you very fast. If you are asked by the TGA to supply a Prescription and you do not, the medicines will simply be destroyed. We do NOT refund under these circumstances. But may re-ship.

 I've made an order, but didn't get any confirmation, why is that?

You will usually be notified about your order status via email, however some emails might fail because of your anti-spam security. Please check the SPAM folder of your email.

How are the medications shipped?

The medicines will be in blister packs with use-by dates printed on them. They do not come in boxes as these are export medicines. To protect your privacy, the medication name (like "Viagra") is not stated and arrive in heavy duty envelopes resembling private mail with the return address in India.

What are generic medications?

A generic medication is the same as a brand-name medication in dosage, safety, strength, how it is taken,quality, performance and intended use.

Are generic medications counterfeit medicines ?

No. Counterfeit medicines are often packaged or marketed to look like a genuine item and do not have any actual medicine in them. For example, some websites promote, package and sell generic or fake Sildenafil pills (the active ingredient in Viagra) as the actual brand name Pfizer Viagra. This is a counterfeit medicine. However, many countries have now overturned Pfizer's patent and generic Viagra became a reality in 2014. Generic Viagra is legally available and marketed in India, Canada, England, Europe, China, Australia and Thailand. If you read there is no such thing as Generic Viagra, you are being lied to. This website does not sell Big brand name ED meds. The treatments described on this website are not counterfeit. They are true generics.

 Are generic medications as safe as brand-name medications?

Yes. Since generics use the same active ingredients and are shown to work the same way in the body, they have the same risks and benefits as their brand-name counterparts.

 Do generic medications take longer to work in the body?

No. Generic medications work in the same way and in the same amount of time as brand-name medications. However remember, Viagra has a stated success rate of %50 to %80 success in treating Erectile Dysfunction. Cialis and Levitra even lower. What's more, a great number of factors effect the sexual response tied to how ED meds work. 

What is the Returns Policy?

Please email us at : ozmedsdirect@gmail.com. Please be sure to state why you are making a returns claim. You will need to return the item to an address supplied. If your claim is accepted, the item will be replaced free of charge less an administration and shipping fee of $20.00. At