About Us

Oz Meds Direct helps take the stress out of the personal importation of your medications. Australia is one of the few countries in the world that allows its residents to import a 3 month supply of prescription medication from overseas (as long as the medicines are not painkillers or drugs like steroids). However, the great majority of offshore suppliers of generic medicines are often hard to communicate with and do not have local knowledge. We have not found a single example of any of these websites testing their medications here in Australia either. We also just want to support men who are paying incredibly high prices for Erectile Medicine.

Recently, Pfizer lost their exclusive patent for Viagra in Australia, but it is still difficult to buy more than a few pills of Viagra at a time in an Australian chemist due to prescribing restrictions and chemists inability to fulfil more than one script at a time. And the more and more popular Cialis is still very expensive of course ($100 for 4 pills!). So buy Cialis from us and start saving permanently.

Your medicines come from an official licensed pharmaceutical exporter and are manufactured in approved manufacturing facilities.

Note that this website does not sell pharmaceuticals as an Australian domestic supplier as defined in the POISONS AND THERAPEUTIC GOODS ACT 1966 - SECT 4. Medicine export is arranged and carried out by the licenced exporter in India.